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Processing & Hosting

Leveraging Secure Innovative Technologies to Deliver Data Processing Solutions

Dauntless Discovery uses industry-leading technology that can help to facilitate every part of the litigation life-cycle.  Our data processing service offers consistent processing workflows that provide law firms and corporations with the fastest way to move from raw data to review.


We understand that an organization’s data is its most valuable and sensitive asset. We process and host data in RelativityOne, using secure data centers built on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure. This environment offers a secure and fully monitored cloud environment which is compliant with ISO 27001, HIPPA, FedRAMP, SSAE-16 SOC1 & SOC 2 and ISO 27018.  We offer a fully integrated and comprehensive security strategy that ensures compliance, governs security and relentlessly protects your data, using Relativity and Azure.


At Dauntless, we offer superior processing power and enhanced capabilities which are supported by a scalable virtual environment. Utilizing a cloud-based solution like RelativityOne allows us to reduce costs and remove many of the hurdles associated with the traditional on-premise hosting model. When you select Dauntless Discovery, you have a team at your disposal whose repeatable, proven processes ensure you have the right tools and expertise for every situation. From performance and security to scalability and flexibility, we offer best-in-class technology and results.

RelativityOne Certified Services Partner

As a RelativityOne partner, Dauntless Discovery is committed to delivering value and solving our client’s eDiscovery challenges. Our partnership with RelativityOne allows us to bring the entire eDiscovery process together under one extensible platform using the most comprehensive and secure software in the industry. 

Together our people, process and technology provide our clients with an unparalleled level of service and expertise resulting in law firm quality work at a competitive price.  To execute on our strategy, we leverage technology to optimize accuracy and increase efficiency through our proven best practices, protocols and workflows. Through the experience of our people, the defensibility of our process and the utilization of technology we help our clients accurately assess risk, predict costs and navigate discovery.

Our Comprehensive Service Offerings


Data processing and hosting

Advanced analytics

Early case assessment

Managed document review

Artificial intelligence through assisted review workflows

  • Active learning (“continuous active learning”)
  • Sample-based learning (“relativity assisted review”)
  • Technology assisted review

Foreign language review and translation services

Automated and native redaction services

Data production

Depo prep, witness binders, chronologies and timelines

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