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Analytics and Early Case Assessment

Established Best Practices & Protocols to Yield Efficiency and Accuracy

Dauntless Discovery has the experience and know-how to analyze and reduce the volume of data requiring review through advanced analytics and Early Case Assessment (ECA).  Our project managers use established best practices and protocols to defensibly eliminate non-relevant documents and prioritize potentially relevant documents for review.  By leveraging technology,  we are able to organize and understand client data  to accurately assess risk, predict costs, and increase the accuracy and efficiency of each matter.

Our ECA Process and Technology

At Dauntless, our ECA process and technology allows us to reduce data volumes and prioritize data requiring review. Our process provides our clients with an immeasurable amount of value and cost savings which can only be quantified by analyzing the way the data was collected, processed, searched, culled and published. The benefit our ECA allows us to:

  • Understand the collected data
  • Gain insights into the data faster
  • Prioritize the data to review
  • Defensibly eliminate non-relevant data

Our Advanced Analytics and Innovative Technology Solutions Include:


Continuous active learning (CAL) to predictive coding/technology assisted review (TAR), workflows can be used to help prioritize review, perform quality control- review, or reduce data sets to significantly reduce cost, decrease error rates, and increase review efficiency.


Human interaction is used to categorize documents into like type clusters based on seed documents.

Target Sensitive Data Builder

Automates the identification of sensitive information and uses artificial intelligence to optimize the accuracy and efficiency of each review.


Machine automation identifies conceptually similar documents, to allow for a bird’s eye view at data sets. You can quickly see organized information based on what the document is about, allowing reviewer and researchers to gain access to relevant information.

Conceptual Searching

Allows for searching beyond traditional keyword searching, finding documents conceptually similar using natural language. Concept searching can be a phrase, entire sentence or even an entire document to search data populations for conceptually similar documents.

Email Threading

Identifies and groups emails by threads allowing the reviewer to only review the final email.

Near Duplicate

Groups like documents together based on textual content so you can identify differences easier to make more consistent decisions.

Keyword Expansion

Identifies other conceptually related terms and words using keyword expansion

Dauntless Can Assist with Your Analytics & Early Case Assessments

Speak to our experts on how to implement the best solutions for your eDiscovery needs.