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Dauntless Discovery is celebrating its five-year anniversary in May 2021
By: Hannah Jobrack and Tammy Doss

[Raleigh, NC – May 26, 2021] Founded in 2016, Dauntless Discovery provides premium eDiscovery services to law firms and corporations. Dauntless was built by Peter O’Hara and Jonathan Hanks, two former associates at Morgan Lewis in Philadelphia, who recognized a need in the market for the best practices and workflows they spent years developing. Having managed multiple document heavy, complex litigation matters, Dauntless’ executive team worked tirelessly to build a highly efficient, repeatable, and cost-saving process for their large corporate clients. Recognizing that the solutions they had designed to address their firm’s challenges would bring value to law firms and corporations everywhere, Dauntless Discovery was born.

“Our mission has always been to provide the same high-quality work product and service of a top-tier law firm but at a more affordable cost,” said COO Jonathan Hanks. “As we celebrate our five-year anniversary, it’s amazing to see how our service offering continues to deliver value to clients.”

O’Hara and Hanks had a vision of creating a company that successfully services the fast-paced nature of the eDiscovery market without compromising the work-life balance of the Dauntless team. This idea of diverting from the norms set by big firms is what has drawn many industry experts to Dauntless Discovery and helped sustain the company’s success as it celebrates this five-year milestone.

“Our year-over-year growth has been purely organic, enabling us to continue to strengthen and deliver a superior experience for our growing client base,” says co-founder and CEO of Dauntless Discovery, Peter O’Hara. “We have been very fortunate that our business has continued to grow even during the pandemic, and this five-year anniversary marks an important milestone for the business. We are very proud of the Dauntless family and continue to disrupt the legal services industry through our people, process, and technology.”

The Dauntless leadership team is eager to welcome the years and accomplishments ahead.

About Dauntless Discovery
Dauntless Discovery provides end-to-end eDiscovery services to law firms and corporations. Our calculated approach to discovery results in law firm quality work at a competitive price. To execute our strategy, we leverage technology to optimize accuracy and increase efficiency through our proven best practices, protocols, and workflows. Through the experience of our people, the defensibility of our process, and the utilization of technology, we help our clients accurately assess risk, predict costs, and navigate discovery. For more information, please visit www.dauntlessdiscovery.com.


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